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Training and Capacity Exchange

APPRO EuropeTraining and Capacity Exchange

Training and Capacity Exchange Posted on Oct, 11, 2016 // By: Admin

Training and Capacity Exchange


APPRO-Europe is committed to promoting learning and further education in professional settings. We do not use terms capacity building or capacity development because our experience shows that the individuals and organizations that seek capacity already have pre-existing capacities of their own. We use, instead, “capacity exchange” in our training and mentoring projects. Before providing training on various topics, we first establish what capacities are being sought, the uses to which the desired capacities are expected to be put, and what APPRO can offer as additional training and capacity to better equip the participants in achieving their goals. Our training and mentoring services are designed to resonate with and build on existing structures and systems with which the recipient individuals and organizations are familiar.

APPRO has developed a number of training and mentoring modules for capacity exchange purposes, initially for its own staff but also for other individuals and organizations. APPRO currently provides training and mentoring in:

– Policy and Institutional Analysis

– Logical Framework Development and Analysis

– Designing Monitoring Systems

– Baseline Assessments

– Evaluations

– Policy-relevant Research in Conflict Environments

– Advocacy and IEC (Information, Education, and Communication)


Training is provided to government and non-government organizations and researchers. These modules are available to groups of no fewer than five individuals. Tailor-made and combined training modules are also provided.